Prenatal Services at Chase Brexton

Published: Dec 02, 2022

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(December 8, 2022)- The prenatal care services at Chase Brexton are primarily with certified nurse midwives. Currently, services are offered in our Glen Burnie, Randallstown, and Mount Vernon centers with a new Columbia program planned.  

Prenatal Services at Chase Brexton Health Care  

At Mount Vernon, Chase Brexton midwives follow patients through their second trimester of pregnancy. At the beginning of the third trimester, a warm handoff takes place between Chase Breton midwives and midwives from the University of Maryland who rotate through the Chase Brexton Mount Vernon location one day per week. The process is designed to facilitate communication and collaboration with our University of Maryland partners where many of our patients deliver. After delivery, patients will again return to see their Chase Brexton midwife for postpartum care. A maternal fetal medicine specialist is also on-site at Chase Brexton (Mount Vernon), once a week, performing high-level ultrasounds with patients who need this service.  

At the Randallstown location, many patients will transfer their care to University of Maryland Medical Center for their third trimester and delivery needs, whereas patients in Glen Burnie will be followed by their Chase Brexton midwives through their entire pregnancy before delivering at University of Maryland Baltimore-Washington Medical Center.  

For all centers, patients do not need to be established with Chase Brexton primary care to begin prenatal care. While many prenatal patients have pre-existing health conditions, overall, the program is designed for relatively “low-moderate risk” prenatal care.  

Expansion in Columbia  

Dr. Marissa Khajavi, a Preventive Medicine board certified physician with gyn experience at Chase Brexton in Columbia currently partners with Signature GYN to refer uninsured patients who need GYN surgeries. Many uninsured folks, especially pregnant people, have few resources within Columbia, and are forced to either travel for care or forgo the care they need. In May 2022, Howard County Executive Calvin Ball announced a $1.3 million maternal healthcare program. This funding will help to support Chase Brexton to expand prenatal care to uninsured people in Howard County.