New Patients

Whether you're here for a medical exam, a dental cleaning, a therapy appointment, or a visit with your case manager, some simple things may help you get more out of your visit...

Important! To be seen by your Chase Brexton Provider, you will need to provide the following two items at the time of your visit:

Have a question between appointments?

Call: 410-837-2050

  • Appointments - x4300
  • Medical Reception - x4308
  • Referrals - x8814
  • Refill Requests - x6001
  • Pharmacy - 410-234-0327

Or visit your patient portal:

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Photo Identification

Without a photo ID, you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. Acceptable photo IDs can include:

  • Driver's License
  • Work, State, or School-issued identification
  • Passport
  • Credit card with photo
  • Note: Expired identification is acceptable.

Proof of Insurance

We accept most insurance plans, Medicare, and Medicaid.

For individuals without insurance, ask about our sliding fee scale before your next appointment. For more about our sliding fee scale, please review our FAQ in English or Espanol. The Verification of No Income form is available in English and Espanol.

Meet Phreesia!

Did you know that Chase Brexton now allows you to check in online, ahead of time? You can confirm your appointment via text message or e-mail and check in online prior to your visit. Meet Phreesia!

    Tips For a Better Visit

    Make a list of all your questions - it’s easy to forget once you get in the office. Bring your questions with you.

    Here are some things to think about and list:

    • Look at all of your prescriptions and medications. Do you need any refills? Do you have any questions about your medicines? Do you know what pharmacy you like to use?
    • Have an upcoming procedure or surgery? Do you need a pre-op exam? Most pre-op exams and labs need to be done within 30 days before the procedure. Let us know as soon as possible so we can help get you all you need to be prepared.
    • Need to get lab work done? Let your provider know what labs you need done and ask what you need to do to prepare. Ask if you need to be fasting before your labs.
    • Are you having any issues you need addressed? Do you need a referral to a specialist or other provider? Have you been sleeping okay? Have you gained or lost weight without any cause?

    Have you experienced any changes since we saw you last? Let us know if you:

    • Have gone to the hospital or urgent care facility since we last saw you.
    • Have seen a specialist (heart, lung, skin, etc.) since your last visit.
    • Have started or stopped taking any medications or supplements since we saw you OR need refills on any medications.
    • Need any paperwork filled out. (Paperwork can take up to 15 business days so plan ahead!)

    Review your clinical visit summary on  Your visit summary includes:

    • What was discussed
    • Labs you need to get
    • Prescriptions ordered
    • Your medication and/or treatment plans
    • Appointments you need to schedule