Steps For Healthy Swimming

Pool chemicals don't work right away and may have limited disinfectant-power. You can easily protect yourself, your family and your friends from germs in the water. Here are some important tips to stay healthy at the pool!

Remember, when you use a public pool, you share the same water and germs with everyone!

1If you are feeling sick or have diarrhea,
stay out of the water.

2Make sure you shower and are clean before you get in the water.

3The pool isn't a communal bathroom;
don't use it as one.

4Try not to drink to swallow the water.

Clear the pool every hour; everyone has to get out!

  • Make sure you have waterproof sunscreen; if you don't, reapply.
  • Take your kids to the bathroom! (They won't have a reason to use the pool)
  • ​Stay hydrated and drink water.
  • Keep germs away from the pool. If you're changing diapers, do it in the bathroom or changing area.

    Source: CDC