Which Mask to Wear

Masks are a part of our lives. Let's use the ones that protect us best.

Love them or hate them, masks are the best way we can bring the spread of COVID-19 under control. 

Why does it matter? The more we are able to control COVID-19, the more we are able to find a way to end COVID-19. This virus has been in humans for less than one year. It takes time to figure out all the ways COVID-19 can be treated, can be prevented, and to develop a vaccine that is safe and effective for all of us.

How masks protect us.

It may seem silly. Really, how can a piece of cloth over your nose and mouth stop the spread of COVID-19? 

When each of us wear a mask, the germs we breathe out and expel - tiny bits of spit from your mouth when you talk, small droplets of mucus from your nose when you breathe - are caught by the mask. When everyone wears a mask, we are even more protected from each others' germs - you are protected from mine, I'm protected from yours, the person near us is protected from each of us and that person is proteced from us. 

How masks save lives.

Masks are our barrier - keeping us and our family, loved ones, and neighbors safe.

This is SUPER important: COVID-19 doesn't treat everyone the same. Some people have no symptoms. Some people feel a little under the weather, but otherwise okay. Some people get really sick. Some end up in the hospital. Many die. No one knows exactly how this virus works yet. 

A simple mask reduces your chances of spreading it when you don't know you have it or getting it from someone who may have it. 


Cloth Mask: Cotton Layered
Cloth Mask: Polyester Layered
Surgical Mask
KN-95 Mask
N-95 Mask

Not Protective Enough & Not Approved to Wear in Chase Brexton

Cloth Mask with Valve
Medical Mask with Valve
Hooded Gaiter