As you are putting together your event/activity, you might have questions. We have the answers!

Why is our activity classified as a BYOF and not a Chase Brexton event? Your event is just that, yours.  This means you can do it your way, using your own ideas, and can add any flare you want to it.  When publicizing your event, your title should be "Event Name, benefitting Chase Brexton Health Care."  

Can I use Chase Brexton's logo on materials?  We have created a special "Team Chase" logo just for BYOF events.  You can download it here.

Will Chase Brexton assist in covering the costs of my BYOF event/activity?  No.  Chase Brexton is not financially liable for the staging of a BYOF event.  However, if you provide us with information about your event, we will list it on our BYOF calendar.  You can email your information to bfrank@chasebrexton.org

Will Chase Brexton provide a representative to attend my event?  If time and schedules permit, we will do our best to have a representative on hand.  Please give us at least three weeks notice if you would like someone to attend.

Can Chase Brexton provide materials such as brochures and donation forms?  Yes, you can download a printable brochure here and a donation form here.

When do funds raised from BYOF Events need to be given to Chase Brexton?  We ask that all funds be delivered to Chase Brexton within 30 working days of the end of your BYOF event.

Are donations made to a BYOF event tax deductible?  Chase Brexton is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, so any donation made to Chase Brexton qualifies as a deduction under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Service.  However, for donations to be deductible, they must be made directly to Chase Brexton.