Why We Walk and Run

Why be a part of the AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore?

There are so many reasons to join us for the AIDS Walk & Run Baltimore...and among them are... 

...Medications improve and save lives.

​But HIV medications are extraordinarily expensive.  Funds raised will support Chase Brexton's HIV+ patients by:

Helping us to pay for medications not covered by grants.

  • $500 will help patients maintain critical medications while they apply for insurance or other resources
  • $100 could pay for one low income patient's medication copays for one year (someone with insurance)

In fiscal year 2013, Chase Brexton Health Care spent $35,000 on medications for HIV+ patients.

...Support Helps HIV+ patients supress the virus.

But the support needed for HIV care is comprehensive and expensive.

Funds raised will support Chase Brexton's HIV+ patients by:

Expanding Chase Brexton's groundbreaking, research verified HIV+ patient health education and medication support group, Club Med.

  • Every $200 allows 2 HIV+ patients to join for one year
  • $600 allows us to expand and add one new educational group to the Medication Support Team (MST) for one year

Additional funding will allow Chase Brexton to offer more adherence support services through communications and outreach activities.

  • $750 will support direct observational therapy for two patients for one month ​
  • $500 will enable us to provide pillboxes and medication training to 100 patients

Providing education materials to support newly diagnosed patients.

  • $500 will provide education materials (including the book "HIV: The First Year") for 60 newly diagnosed patients ​
  • $2,500 will provide client handbooks for newly diagnosed HIV+ patients

...Care is more than medicine.

Getting to appointments is vital for HIV+ patients.  Without appropriate treatment and consistent care, a patient's immune system can become resistant to medications.  Unfortunately, many of our patients struggle with barriers to care.

Funds raised will support Chase Brexton's HIV+ patients by:

Providing transportation for patients to get to their appointments via bus, taxi, or shared rides.

  • $155 will provide 100 bus tokens for low income patients who would not be able to attend appointments regularly without transportation assistance
  • $198 will provide a monthly reduced-fare bus pass for one low income patient for one year (this is especially important for patients who have multiple visits)
  • Provide transportation to patients for medical appointments via mobile medical van
  • $200 would provide an emergency taxi ride for one patient for one year (patient is unable to use bus or family members to get to appointments)

Helping to provide the many other items that improve health, like eyeglasses, food, and dental care.

  • Eyeglasses - $1,000 will provide eyeglasses for 10 patients
  • Food - snacks for patients who receive DOT and need to take their medications with food
  • Dental care - Medicaid does not pay for dental services so this ends up being a huge need for low income patients; $500 will provide emergency dental care to 5 uninsured patients, which could include services such as an examination, radiographs, filling, or an extraction; $500 will provide for a complex dental treatment plan for one individual Emergency assistance - $500 will provide emergency assistance for eligible patients to maintain appropriate housing and utilities  

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