The Chase Society

Founded in 2014, the Chase Society was created to recognize individual donors who have generously supported Chase Brexton Health Care.

Who is eligible for membership in the Chase Society?
Any donor who fulfills the criteria below:

  • Ruby Level - Donors who have given $50,000+ over their lifetime
  • Sapphire Level - Donors who have given $10,000+ over their lifetime
  • Emerald Level - Donors who have given $5,000+ over their lifetime

How can I become a Chase Society donor?
You or your family foundation becomes a Chase Society donor by making a single donation, or cumulative contributions, of $5,000 or more over your lifetime to Chase Brexton.

What contributions count towards participation in the Society?
All contributions made to Chase Brexton Health Care are counted towards your recognition in the Chase Society, including gifts made at events, such as ticket purchases, auction items purchased, and membership dues of the Hope Lives Here program.

Donors will be notified of their Chase Society status in August, after the completion of our fiscal year.

Does the dollar amount of a gift matter?
No, however there is a minimum cumulative amount required for each level, as shown above.

How do I maintain membership in the Chase Society?
Once you’re a member, you’re a member for life. And we encourage you to maintain your leading donor role by becoming an annual contributor through the Hope Lives Here program.

I’m a proud member of the Chase Society. What else can I do?
Please consider becoming a donor to include Chase Brexton in your will or estate planning, or a member of the Hope Lives Here program.

What are the benefits of becoming a Chase Society donor?

  • You will receive a welcome letter from Chase Brexton’s CEO
  • You will be recognized as a Chase Society donor in Chase Brexton’s Annual Reports
  • You will receive an annual invitation to attend the Chase Society recognition event to thank you for being a leading contributor, and to welcome new members to the Society.
  • You will receive a special gift inscribed with the Chase Brexton logo
  • Ruby and Sapphire level donors will be recognized on the Hope Lives Here donor wall prominently located in the lobby of the Mt. Vernon Center.

What if I wish to remain anonymous?
That’s fine, just let the Development office know.

How are gifts from the same family treated?
Spouses’ and partners’ contributions will be combined and treated as one entity.

Can donors be members of more than one category?
Yes, you can be recognized on the Hope Lives Here donor wall as part of The Chase Society and The Legacy Society.

You reference the Hope Lives Here wall. Can you tell me more about it?

When Chase Brexton moved into our present-day headquarters in Mt. Vernon, we designated the most prominent wall in the building to become our donor wall. Here, in the lobby, we prominently acknowledge the generous support that allowed us to build a new home and the loyal support that allows us to continue our mission to provide affordable health care for all.

I’m already a sapphire level donor and I want to make my fifth annual $10,000 donation. What happens to my tile once I reach the ruby level?

First of all, thank you for your generous, annual contributions! Your donor tile was added to the Hope Lives Here donor, recognized in sapphire blue font, corresponding to your initial $10,000+ donation. Once you cross over the $50,000 threshold, your tile will be updated in ruby red font in August.

Does the size of the block designate a larger contribution?

No, the size of the tiles is random; the size of tile does not correspond to the amount of the gift.

I own a company. Should I use my company’s name or my name as recognition on the wall?

Your name. If you would like your company to be recognized, please consider becoming a member of the Hope Lives Here program.

You mentioned the Hope Lives Here program. What exactly is it?

It’s a membership program established in 2017 to allow community members and businesses to support Chase Brexton and their local Chase Brexton center on an annual, ongoing basis. To find out more, click here.

Where can I get more information?
Contact Alexa Milanytch the Development office at 410-837-2050 ext. 1144 or email