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We are looking for talented, dedicated, and hardworking individuals to fill volunteer positions.  Please note that there are various volunteer opportunities to help make the AIDS Walk and Music Festival a success:

  • Pre-event Volunteer Opportunities
  • Week-of-Event Volunteer Opportunities 
  • Day-of-Event Volunteer Opportunities
  • Day-of-Event Specialty Opportunties
  • Post-event Volunteer Opportunities


Check out all the Volunteer Opportunities available below.

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PRE-EVENT Volunteer Opportunities

Duties: Become a reliable source for all duplicable needs surrounding the AIDS Walk & Music Festival. Focusing on outreach, duties may include calling past participants to encourage them to register, promoting the Walk on social media, and tabling at an upcoming event.  Closer to event, assist with packing registration packets for Walk participants.  

  • Hours Asked: 2-4 hours per week in March, April, and May   
  • Needed: 2 volunteers

week-of-event Volunteer Opportunities 

Early Packet Pick-up Crew

Duties: Collection of funds and handing out of early-registration packets (including t-shirt and other earned prizes) to registrants.  Designated area for pick-up will be at Chase Brexton Health Care, Mt. Vernon Center.

  • Shift 1
    • Hours: Wednesday, June 5, 8-10AM, 3-7PM
    • Needed: 1-2 volunteers
  • Shift 2
    • Hours: Thursday, June 6, 8-10AM, 3-7PM
    • Needed: 1-2 volunteers

Loading Crew

Duties: Transporting and loading AIDS Walk materials to vans and trucks at Chase Brexton Health Care.  Walking and heavy lifting involved.

  • Shift: Friday, June 7, 11AM – 4PM
  • Needed: 8-10 volunteers

DAY-OF-EVENT ​Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday Morning Set-up Crew 

Duties: Assist in grounds set-up before participants arrive. Help set up tables and chairs and move supplies to designated areas. At 9AM, gather Walkers at the Start Line and cheer Walkers as they return to the Finish Line and Music Festival. ***This is a great opportunity for a large group of volunteers.

  • Shift: 7 AM – 11 AM
  • Needed: 24+

Volunteer Check-in

Duties: Check in volunteers. Distribute volunteer t-shirts, discount parking vouchers, and direct volunteers to designated work sites. Must be able and willing to meet with AIDS Walk Volunteer Coordinator to become familiar with AIDS Walk logistics.  

  • Shift 1
    • Hours: 7 AM – 11 AM 
    • Needed: 3-5
  • Shift 2
    • Hours: 11 AM – 3PM
    • Needed: 3-5

Safety Volunteers & Morning Greeters

Duties: Warmly greet participants – both registrants and volunteers – and direct them to proper check-in booths, point out restrooms, and thank them for attending.  At 9AM, stand at cross-streets to assist with street crossing. 

  • Shift: 7 AM – 11 AM 
  • Needed: 8

On-Route Crew

Duties:  Stand, cheer, and direct walkers along the route with directional and motivational signage. On-route volunteers will assist with set-up and breakdown of Rash Field: tables, chairs, tents, and Water Station.  ***This is a great opportunity for a large group of volunteers.  

  • Shift: 7 AM – 11 AM
  • Needed: 30

Breakfast Crew 

Duties: Set out healthy morning breakfast at the AIDS Walk Tavern – cut fruit, arrange breakfast foods and drinks, keep area stocked and tidy.  Help clean up. 

  • Shift: 7 AM – 11 AM
  • Needed: 3-5

Memory Wall/Red Ribbon Table  

Duties: Stationed in the AIDS Walk Tavern, encourage participants to leave messages and share their stories.

  • Shift 1: 7 AM – 11 AM | Needed: 2-3
  • Shift 2: 11 AM – 3 PM | Needed: 2-3

Registration Volunteers

Duties: Great position for a group. Help set up check-in booths. As participants arrive, check names off the list, and retrieve appropriate t-shirt and supplies for participant. Must feel comfortable working with Excel spreadsheets.  

  • Shift: 7 AM – 11 AM
  • Needed: 12

Store Front Volunteers 

Duties: Assigned to “Donation Station,” assist with incentive prize distribution and purchases of AIDS Walk promotional items.  Must be comfortable with handling cash, and credit card transactions on ipad. Morning shift will help with set-up and manning the Station; afternoon shift will man station, inventory remaining items, pack up, and help with booth breakdown.  

  • Shift 1
    • Hours: 7 AM – 11 AM
    • Needed: 2
  • Shift 2
    • Hours:  11AM -3PM
    • Needed: 2

Clean-up Crew

Duties: Assist in event breakdown, organize event supplies and equipment,  and load items into vans and trucks.  ***This is a great opportunity for a large group of volunteers.

  • Shift: 1PM – 3 PM
  • Needed: 20

Day-of-event Specialty Volunteer Opportunities

We hope to find uniquely qualified individuals for the following volunteer positions:

Certified ASL Interpreters  

Shift: 8AM – 1PM

Needed: 1-2 volunteers


Team Photographer 

Duties: Assist individuals and teams with photos at Team Photo area. Take two photos of each team: one with a white-board with their team name and one without. Camera will be provided. 

  • Shift:  8 AM – 9AM
  • Needed: 1 photographer

Event Photographers 

Duties: Capture the day’s activities at Power Plant Live! and along the Walk’s Inner Harbor route. Upload photos to share drive by deadline given. 

  • Shift:  8AM – 1PM
  • Needed: 2-4 photographers

POST-EVENT Volunteer Opportunities

​Unloading Crew

Duties: Unload and transport AIDS Walk materials from vans and trucks parked at CBHC’s loading dock to Development Department office at Chase Brexton Health Care.  Walking and heavy lifting involved.

  • Shift: Monday, June 10, 9-3PM
  • Needed: 10 volunteers

Wrap-up Crew

Duties: Work with AIDS Walk staff to focus on event wrap-up.  Duties will include writing thank you notes, creating an inventory list, assisting to transport items to storage area, and cataloguing photos. Duties may vary over the week.

  • Shifts available: Tuesday – Friday, June 11 - 14, 10AM - 3PM
  • Needed: 3-4 volunteers

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