Community Partner Benefits

aids walk, fundraising, music festival, stop hiv 

Benefits of Being a Community Partner

  • Recognition. Community Partners will receive acknowledgment from the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival stage.
  • Funding. The Community Partner will receive 50% of the revenue raised by its designated team of the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival Walk, if the team raises a minimum amount of $500
  • Acknowledgement. Each Community Partner will be listed on the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival website with a link to their organization’s website, once approved.
  • Support. Each Community Partner’s team captain will receive automated messaging and information to share with their team to increase participation and fundraising efforts.
  • Tips. Each Community Partner’s team captain will receive a fundraising tool kit that provides helpful tips for generating donations for your designated team.
  • Prizes. Each Community Partner functions as a team and is eligible to be among the  top fundraising teams of the Walk.  The top 5 fundraising teams by June 1, 2019 are awarded a team tent and may receive up to four free passes to the VIP area, based on amount raised.
  • Promotion.  Community Partners will be listed on select event signage.
  • Incentives. Community Partner team captains and team members are eligible for all fundraising incentives.

Guidelines to Be a Community Partner

  • Participating organizations must be a current, registered 501(c)(3) organization.
  • HIV/AIDS education, prevention, care or advocacy must be a component of the organization’s mission or programs.
  • Interested organizations should apply for the Community Partner Program via this printable form.
  • Individuals submitting the application must be an employee or board member of the organization.
  • The application must include:
    • a description of the organization, the organization’s mission, and a list of HIV/AIDS programs and services offered by the organization;
    • an IRS determination letter, a tax identification number,
    • and a W-9.

Deadline submission for Community Partner applications is May 1, 2019.

All applicant organizations must be approved by Chase Brexton Health Care to participate in the Community Partner Program.  Please allow three business days to reply to your submission.

  1. Upon acceptance into the program, the Community Partner must register a team of at least four (4) for the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival by May 15.
  2. Community Partners may not solicit past or current Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival corporate sponsors.
  3. Event signage and promotional materials for Community Partner team fundraisers should state the organization’s affiliation with the event, such as “Community Partner of the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival,” and must include the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival logo and website (
  4. Community Partners should not conduct any advertising (print, radio, internet, or television), media campaigns or promotions that solicit walkers or walk teams to join their team effort without the approval of the Baltimore AIDS Walk & Music Festival staff.

Fund Disbursement

In order to qualify for fundraising disbursement, Community Partners must apply by Wednesday, May 1, register a minimum of four participants to their online team by Wednesday, May 15, and raise a minimum of $500 by Thursday, June 13.

Community Partners shall receive 50% of all team fundraising monies from Chase Brexton Health Care, by check sent to the address provided on the application, by Friday, June 28, 2019.

Only funds raised by approved Community Partner participants who have registered and fundraised via a Community Partner’s online team page will be considered.

For more information, or to begin the registration process, please contact Alexa Milanytch, Director of Development, at or 410-837-2050 X1144 or download the printable form.


aids walk, fundraising, music festival, stop hiv