LGBT Health Resource Center Director Sam McClure Pens Op/Ed for Baltimore OUTLoud

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The director of our LGBT Health Resource Center, Sam McClure, recently penned an op/ed for Baltimore OUTLoud in which she discussed the dramatic, emotional swings in recent events, and shared her personal journey in navigating them.

"The exhibit for the March on Washington anniversary was front and center and the first image I saw was the iconic sign. I AM A MAN. Black words on a stark white background. The men carrying those signs were fighting to be seen and understood to be fully human. I stayed there for a long time and things started to connect in my mind. People with disabilities fighting for the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the uprising at Stonewall, Selma, the Suffragettes, Immigrants.

We are all fighting to be seen and understood to be fully human. This commonality does not mean we are easy allies. We do not know the truths of experiences that are not our own. And yet, here we are with this uncomfortable and terrifying thing to share. This moment changed me. I am learning to work differently. To lead where I should and listen where I must."

Read Sam's full story here.