WMAR: Chase Brexton Provider Talks Guidance on Transgender Bathrooms

From WMAR Channel 2 News, Feb. 23, 2017:

In October of 2015, the Maryland State Department of Education released non-discrimination guidelines for restrooms. The guidelines suggest that school systems provide access to restrooms corresponding to the student's gender identity.

“Some students who are stealth, nobody knows they're transgender, and they've been living as boys their entire lives, every student knows them as a boy, and to force that student to then go to a unisex bathroom or to use the girl's bathroom can be really devastating for them,” said Dr. Elyse Pine.

Pine is a pediatrician with Chase Brexton's Gender Joy program, which provides medical and behavioral health care to more than 750 transgender youth. She said she's concerned with the impact the new guidance will have on her patients.

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