Capital Gazette: Ravens player helps open new health center in Glen Burnie

Stephen Pimpo, Jr.

April 14, 2016

Baltimore Ravens running back Terrance West was on hand Thursday to help open the new Chase Brexton Healthcare Center in Glen Burnie, a place dedicated to making sure everyone can get medical care.

"I love what they're doing with the community and helping out with health care," West said.

The Maryland native signed autographs and took pictures with guests. As someone who grew up in the area, he said causes like this really appeal to him.

"I'm from Baltimore so I know what it takes and I just like to help and be a part of good things, and this is a great opportunity right here for the community," West said.

The Chase Brexton Health Center is one such place. The facility provides primary care, pediatric and geriatric treatment to patients whether they have no insurance, are under-insured or are on Medicaid.

"Our purpose in life is to make sure there is a door that's open for people that are sort of marginalized by the health care system at the present time," said CEO Richard Larison.

"I don't have insurance, but I can come in here any time I want and just pay," said Mynor Miranda, 20 of Glen Burnie.

The not-for-profit center was founded in 1978 as a health clinic for gay men. Now, the center has expanded to all patients, but continues to have a strong presence in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. It has its own LGBT Health Resource Center.

The organization has locations all over Maryland and first opened in Glen Burnie at a small facility on Aquahart road in 2014. Now they have a 17-room facility with two more floors being added in December.

"We're still a little sapling that's trying to become a mighty oak," said Katie Meara, director of operations.

The people of the area are appreciative of their care.

"If there's any problems between the appointments, call, come back, and when you're in need of help and don't have an appointment, come on in," said Johnny Williams, 59 of Severn. "They'd squeeze you in."

Having a local celebrity like West on their side helps Chase Brexton spread the word about the resources the center offers.

"It's getting people to know that we're here so that they can access the care that we deliver," Larison said.

It's all done in the name of helping the community.

"Everything these people do is important," Miranda said.

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