Celebrating Staff Anniversaries for December 2022

Published: Dec 18, 2022

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12/18/22- Join us in celebrating our team members who mark 10 years or more of service to Chase Brexton this month! 

Brooks Woodward, Director of Dental Services smiling.

"First and foremost, I love what I do. I love being a dentist and I love helping patients improve their smiles and their oral health. I love mentoring and teaching students and residents and helping new dentists become assets to our community. It's been very rewarding to develop and grow the dental department over the years, to create new locations of care, increase the size of our provider pool and create and evolve a long list of programs and grant funded opportunities that improve access to multiple vulnerable populations throughout the State. I'm blessed to be able to serve on many committees, task forces, coalitions and dental advisory boards. These opportunities help to increase the visibility of our health centers populations and I'm always thrilled to advocate for them. I am fueled by unmet opportunities that still exist in growing our department, our programs and future grant endeavors and I am still hopeful and determined that we will offer dental services in our Easton site one of these years; there is much more to do.  It's a joy to walk through Mount Vernon neighborhood and find a happy patient around every corner."

Tony Robinson, Lead Dental Assistant smiling

What has fueled your passion for your work at Chase Brexton? "Servicing patients in dental and working all dental sites."